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Great Price iRobot 560 for $299.99

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver Review

When looking at this product a couple months ago, I saw generally favorable reviews but the exception was a couple (I think one from Consumer Reports or someplace similar) saying it was good but you could vacuum a room much faster. I thought this was a really clueless critique. Of course you can vacuum faster, but here I don't have to do it AT ALL because the Roomba can vacuum while I am gone or in another room. I can't measure this, but I figure it picks up the vast majority of the dirt and dust (75%?), but you will have to do a deep vacuuming and/or mopping occassionally. You do have to empty after each use and it works best if you limit it to one room. So there is a certain amount of frequent interaction with it. But I kind of getting a kick out of setting it loose on a room or two and then seeing how much dust it found that I would have otherwise walking around on.

Now the constructive criticism. They should make them a little shorter to fit under more sofas. They're not especially loud, but quieter would be great. And they should improve the object-sensing technology so that it can slow down before bumping into more objects at full speed. (For large objects like a wall it will slow down and just touch it before sensing it has to turn the way; for a small object like a chair or table leg, it doesn't slow down so you hear lots of bumping around. But it never damages finishes or anything). All of these are probably things they are working on and will happen in a few years as the technology improves.

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver Feature

  • Vacuuming robot picks up dirt and debris with the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-empty bagless dustbin; fine-filtration system traps allergens
  • Anti-tangle technology; gentle-touch bumper system; built-in cliff sensors
  • Self-charging Home Base, 2 Virtual Wall Lighthouses, an extra filter, and more included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot, Black and Silver Overview

Cleans routinely, so you don't have to. 500 Series robots offer the latest innovations from iRobot with unprecedented efficiency, coverage, and cleaning performance.

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Customer Reviews

Not good for Cat Hair !! - ECK -

I bought the Roomba 560 on 10-07 for my house.
I have 2 cats and the Roomba dose not do well with cat hair !
Any thing that turns gets hair rapped around it until the Roomba stops working
Then I spend a good 15-20 minutes taking it apart and pulling the cat hair out from around all the axles that turn. Only then will it run right.
When the black & white sensor ball wheel gets full of hair the Roomba starts going around in circles! Then I know its time for hair removal !
It's ok for JUST dirt, but then it messy to clean, I always do it outside on my deck because too much dirt flies around !
I have been using it for the last few years but it needs work...
I HOPE the design engineers read this and make this thing hair proof !!
Good Luck !!

Short Life-Span - AVSJ - Maryland
I purchased a used one of these as a gift (requested) for my wife. For the first 3 months we were very satisfied; and then it just stopped working. I bought new batteries, put it through it's computerized reset cycle and spent hours on the line with the manufacturer - to no avail. The presecription was to buy another one! (because we purchased used, there was no warranty from iRobot).

My guess is the device will not stand up to normal use in a moderately sized house. It will clean one room on a charge - if you want your whole house vacuumed, you need to run it every day and it just won't take that kind of use.

A clever idea still waiting for materials that will stand up to the job.

Replacement... - MissBanjo - CO USA
I've had 2 Discovery series (400) in a row which I was very happy with. The problem with them is they only last about a year. This new one (560) is probably the best one I've had. It is *much* quieter, the Discoverys sounded like trains going over train tracks. Definately recommend the 560 but get it at Best Buy or somewhere that offers the extended warranty otherwise you'll be spending 0-0 every year.

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