Thursday, February 25, 2010

Check Out iRobot 82401 Roomba R3 500 Series Replacement-Brush and Filters Kit for $39.95

iRobot 82401 Roomba R3 500 Series Replacement-Brush and Filters Kit Review

This set isn't cheap, but it's worth it. I've got a Roomba 565, which I usually love, but the amount of cleaning the device itself requires is sometimes frustrating. 'Course, if I didn't have 4 cats, it might be less... ;) This set helps releve that frustration somewhat. This set comes with 3 filters that are basically identical to what came with the Roomba itself, plus one of the little spinning brushes that helps pull stuff out from corners and the wall (interestingly, with only 3 brushes to it instead of the 5 or 6 the original had), plus a beater bar and brush set. But the real gem here is the little red plastic brush cleaner. I don't know if this ships with the newer Roombas or not, but it should - this little thing is great. What you do with it is run the large brush through it and it strips all the fur, string, threads, etc. that get caught in the brush out and allows them to be thrown away all in one clump. No more picking all that stuff out of the brush by hand! Faster, better, and easier. Additionally, the brushes seem to be a better quality and do a slightly better job than the set that came with the Roomba - I'd imagine the folks at iRobot are always making design tweaks to things and it shows.

iRobot 82401 Roomba R3 500 Series Replacement-Brush and Filters Kit Feature

  • Replacement-brush and filters kit for Roomba 500 Series cleaners
  • Includes bristle brush, flexible beater brush, and side brush with screw
  • Also provides brush-cleaning tool and 3 reusable dust-reducing filters
  • Helps keep vacuum cleaner (sold separately) in good working order
  • Measures approximately 8 by 9-1/5 by 3-3/5 inches

iRobot 82401 Roomba R3 500 Series Replacement-Brush and Filters Kit Overview

This is the perfect kit to recharge the cleaning power of your Roomba 500 series robot. This kit includes 1 Replacement bristle brush, 1 flexible beater brush, 1 side brush with screw and 3 re-usable filters. This kit is compatible to all 500 series roombas.

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Customer Reviews

Great - Denny - Georgia
even though it was Christmas time this product was shipped promptly. These products are necessary for this machine. I bought this vacuum for my elderly mother and it seems to work great.

I like the new brush - D. Sacco -
The style of the brush is different from the one that came with my unit (530) and I like this one better. Still disliking the side brush though as they have not come up with a way to make it stay on the thing (which after so many years of this unit being out I'm surprised about). I think it should come with at least 3 side brushes (or at least extra screws!) because after 1 use the thing already came off and the screw is gone.

excellent accessories - S. Mort - Virginia Beach, VA
I never thought I'd be happy about the brush cleaner. The one I got with my Roomba was not as good as this one. I also like the fact that these brushes do not clog up as easily. With 2 dogs and 2 cats I need all the help I can get! The shipping time was great as well.

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