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Check Out iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery for $33.81

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Review

I've had this battery for a week now and would like to revise my review. It works great! Even better then my original Roomba battery. I originally gave it 4 stars because although it arrived very quickly, it appeared to be used when it was listed as "Brand new." However, after 1 week of using the battery in my 500 series Roomba, the battery works terrific. I'm constantly expecting the Roomba to need a charge after 30 min or so but it just keeps on going and I could not be happier. So in fairness, I'm giving it a full 5 stars as the appearance of a battery is nowhere near as important as how well it works. For the price and for the results, I'd order another, thanks!

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Feature

  • APS battery compatible with all 500 series Roomba FloorVac models
  • charges in 3 hours with ABS charger
  • Provides approximately 120 minutes of run time
  • 50 percent greater useful life than original Roomba batteries

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Overview

The APS Battery powers Roomba for up to 120 minutes of continuous clean up. Keep two batteries on hand to double the cleaning time. This APS Battery is compatible with Roomba® 500 Series models.

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Customer Reviews

Fantastic - Amitola Acres - Florida
Great battery for the money. Works better and lasts longer than my original Roomba battery ever did. I even ran my old Roomba that I had purchased this battery for against a newly purchased Roomba with a factory battery. My old Roomba with this replacement battery ran 3x longer than the brand new one!

iRobot battery - A. Bartlett -
My iRobot (Roby) would only clean for a few minutes and then need recharging so I ordered a new iRobot R3 500 series APS battery. I had hesitated for quite awhile because I was leary of ordering a battery online. Who knew if it would actually fit or even improve performance if it did fit. I should not have hesitated, because once the battery came and was charged, Roby now performs as well as he did when he was new. The battery took about 5 days longer to arrive than the vendor said (I think because they sent it by USPS rather than UPS)but it fit and it works. Both Roby and I are happy and running at full speed.

Not iRobot battery; doesn't work. - A. ONeal - Los Angeles
The battery UltraSonic sent was clearly not an iRobot battery. It worked for a day and then refused to charge, even after troubleshooting. This is a perfect example of "you get what you pay for" - I'll be returning this and shelling out the full amount for a REAL iRobot battery.

The battery's in good condition and works very well with my iRobot. - Audrey Tan - Singapore
I am living in Singapore. Initially I'm worried about the battery doesn't fit my iRobot and it will be very troublesome to return the goods. However, the battery arrived in good condition and works very well with my iRobot. Thank you so much for the respective Seller and Amazon.

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