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Check Out iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series for $599.99

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series Review

This is my very first roomba, and I wish I saw and read about this before Christmas so I could have asked hubby for it as gift. I did purchase mine from Hammacher Schlemmer because of the lifetime warranty, plus I got a free shipping on top of a off, so I got mine for 9.00 with all the add-on paraphernalia.

I work full time as an RN. I have only two-three days off in a week, sometimes I work weekends. We have 5 cats. Even if we have 3 teens who we have trained to "clean up," realistically, they do not do a good job of maintaining a clean house (or clean rooms), unless we parents are there to supervise. Hubby is also not much help, as he only volunteers to do a thorough clean up once in a blue moon, and picks up his mess once in a while.

Well, now that I got Viki (named after the iRobot movie's computer rebel), my youngest kid (12) was so fascinated that he immediately learned to use it and clean it when it came (before I even had the chance to do same). My husband was so enthralled with the technology (hubby does homebased job and is quite a technophile) and Viki's efficiency but knows how to "maintain" this expensive electronic gadget by keeping things off the floor (small wires, elastics, big pieces of paper, etc.), cleaning the brushes, saving Viki from her predicament in times it would "call" for help, and not wanting to run Viki everyday (which could potentially wear it off quickly). The implication? He now picks up his own mess and I don't have to restrain myself anymore from nagging him about it (he is one of the biggest mess-makers at home!). He enjoys seeing the dirt that accumulates in the bin after one cleaning.

Both of us enjoy coming home to a tidy house.

Now I am trading the time I used to bend, reach under bed/furniture with the traditional vacuum cleaner, push/pull the vacuum cable, etc., with time to run on my treadmill instead, while watching a movie

I am the happiest member now in our household, and when mama is happy, everyone is happy.

UPDATE as of 3-6-2010:

Viki (our Rooba's nickname) was beeping the other day, saying "error 2: remove brush cage and clean roomba's brushes." So I did. I usually do a thorough cleaning of brushes, including removal of the yellow parts to get the tangle of hairs and fur. The bin was not too full. I let her run, and did the same thing after 1 minute or so. Did this 3 times until I decided to check the website of iRoomba (I registered Viki as soon as we got her) for troubleshooting. Did as suggested, which led me to their form, which I filled in with required info the night of 3-4-2010. At the same time, I emailed the vendor, Hammacher Schlemmer, to tell them what I should do next after trying the troubleshooting per manufacturer's instruction. Hammacher Schlemmer emailed me back within minutes, with the advice on how to return a defective product. That was quick! On the other hand, iRobot sent me the next morning 3-5-2010 a generic response that they received my email and should get a response within 24 hours, which they did not, anyway. To cut the long story short, they would have made me go round and round before they would definitively act to resolve the issue.

Anyway, night of 3-4-2010, when I was emailing both vendors and iRobot about Viki, hubby noted that Viki's red light was on so he asked me what was wrong. I explained to him. He tried to see what could be wrong, especially when I told him Hammacher Schlemmer emailed me back right away, because he could not bear to see Viki leave us and be replaced by "someone else" as he already is quite attached to Viki. He opened more than what I would dare to (in trying not to do something that would make the guarantee null and void). He cleaned around the gears (he said some cat hair was pushing the gear off where it should be so the brushes were not turning). After he replaced the parts (even when he thought he dropped something), he tried to run Viki, and still had the same thumping sound with the brushes not turning. The next morning (3-6-2010)I asked my husband if I should get Viki ready for returning, he tinkered with it again and saw the small screw he missed the previous night, reassembled Viki, then ran her. She was working again like brand new! As in, vigorous, not missing a thing, etc. So this clogging deeper parts was despite cleaning the brushes and bin almost everyday (Viki was scheduled to do maintenance daily), just so you know. If you have a talent for tinkering without missing or misplacing tiny parts, you are all set. Viki is still a wonder household member who does her chores regularly with no complaints; only the minimal demand of being maintained (which overall/cumulatively does not take more than two hours in a month). I emailed Hammacher Schlemmer that we were able to resolve the issue but that I appreciated their prompt response, and said I would be a loyal customer and I would promote them to others (hence, the repeated mention of their company here).

One thing Roomba can be improved upon is a button to find her if she gets stuck somewhere and nobody is home to get her unstuck. I wish there was a button at the base that we can push so Roomba can make a beeping sound until we find her.

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series Feature

  • Schedule up to seven cleaning times per week for Roomba to clean when it's most convenient for you
  • Professional grade Virtual Wall Lighthouses create invisible barriers that block Roomba from entering off-limit areas or direct Roomba to completely vacuum one room before sending it to the next room
  • Two interchangeable cleaning bins: Vacuuming Debris Bin-Ideal for routine maintenance of all floors and cleaning deep into carpet and rug fibers. High Capacity Sweeper Bin- That holds three times more debris than the stander vacuuming bin
  • Three Cleaning Modes: Clean Mode-enables the Roomba to calculate the room size and maximize the coverage-per-room. Max Mode-enables Roomba to clean larger areas. Spot Mode-enables Roomba to clean in an area up to three feet in diameter
  • Rugged Accessory Case conveniently stores all of your Roomba Professional Series accessories. Includes 1 extra Bristle Brush, 1 extra Rubber Beater Brush, 2 extra Side brushes, 2 extra Filters, 2 Brush Cleaning Tools and houses a cleaning bin.

iRobot 610 Roomba Professional Series Overview

The iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series Vacuum Cleaning Robot cleans up to four rooms on a single charge. It comes equipped with two interchangeable bins, a high capacity sweeper bin and a vacuuming debris bin, that can be utilized for either everyday cleaning or for picking up larger-than-usual amounts of debris. The Professional Series also has extra brushes, filters and cleaning tools plus a convenient storage case to organize and store the accessories and sweeping bin in one place. Durable paint and bumper guards provide a scratch resistant finish to the Roomba Pro and more protection for furniture and obstacles. An extra long power cord allows greater versatility for charging and storing and storing Roomba on the included, heavy weighted, self-charging Home Base. Two Virtual Wall Light Houses ensure the most efficient room-to-room cleaning, and block off-limit areas. Roomba Pro also features three cleaning modes, including Max Mode that allows maximum cleaning coverage in larger homes, offices or business settings. In Max Mode, Roomba cleans until the battery is almost drained, then it returns it to its Home Base to dock and recharge. The Professional Series is also the only iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot to carry a two-year warranty.

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Customer Reviews

Amazing! - MSB -
Our home is 3,000 sq feet, single story. I have a newly crawling baby and 3 other children a toddler and two children under 8. We also have one pet, a cat. So normally I would have to run the vacuum by hand after each meal. However, with the Roomba I have not had a need to do that. I have her run after dinner each evening in our dining area. Perfect! She picks up whatever the kids leave behind. Each morning I have her clean the family room, school room and game room. Once a week she does the bedrooms.
I had concerns that because of my children liking to leave things behind, toys, books, etc. We'd not be able to use the Roomba. But each evening after dinner we do what we call "Roomba clean" so that she can do her job without running into landminds of books or toys. The house looks amazing and the carpet and hard floors look so nice after she has done her job.
I am amazed at what the Roomba picks up. And boy does she go for awhile without having to be emptied.
The spot clean feature is great for small areas. Love that and use it often!

My cat is not scared of it, and he is a very jumpy cat. I was imagining a cat running scared. So I'd imagine most animals can tolerate it very well.

I have a pet dyson and though I loved that, I needed to push that, plug it in, move it from room to room. I don't have the hassle of me being involved in the cleaning with this, which works great so I can do other things while she handle the floors.

My only complaint is the light house/ virtual wall. I wish there were on off switches as it's truly a pain to have to put the batteries in to use it and take them out when I don't want it to (as they run as soon as the Roomba does) if you leave batteries in it. For the price of the Roomba I think it would be nice to have switches on those. But that's not enough to deter me from the Roomba.
Also with a household like mine, I do wish Irobot would offer a lifetime warranty. I didn't purchase from them because at the time the price was 9 and the warranty was just 2 years. I purchased from Hammacher Schlemmer as they had a free shipping coupon off, and a lifetime warranty. So out the door I paid 9.

I know some folks say they sleep when they run Roomba. I could not do so as I do find her to be a bit loud. I guess if you are able to shut your bedroom door maybe and confined her to another floor you could do that.

Every day I thank my husband for letting us use a bit of tax money for this little robot.

The Best - Jennifer Moreno - miami beach, fl usa
I am obsessively clean, this thing has been a lifesaver. My father has been raving about these things forever and I thought he was nuts. After spending the better part of every morning cleaning my house so that my daughter would not be touching pet hairs by the time she woke up, I caved and bought one. I now wake up to immaculate floors, it is wonderful. This machine is for daily maintenance. If you bring it into a home with filthy floors, do not expect a miracle, you are going to break your machine. I am not sure why people have complained about cleaning it. I have found that it takes 3 minutes tops, and I actually remove and wash the parts daily. I use the spare parts that came in the accessory box interchangeably while the ones I wash dry. I can't say enough good things about this machine, my husband has the most disgusting cat ever, handfuls of hair come off every time he is pet despite being brushed daily. There is now NO hair on the floor in the morning after the irobot runs, and much less effort for daily maintenance of my furniture too now that all that hair isn't flying around. I highly highly recommend it!!!! It is expensive though, I recommend buying the one sold by hammacher schlemmer, as it has a lifetime guarantee. Like I said my dad has been using these forever, and they do break every 1-2 years, why not prepay the expense and know it will be replaced no questions asked.

iRobot 610 - Bill K. Ameser - Dallas,TX USA
If your looking for something to vacume around the house other than doing it yourself, this maybe the vacume for you. It is NOT a product to replace your vacume.

The Good & The Bad.


1. Does pick up just about everything.
2. Easy to use.
3. Dirt tray takes awhile to fill up and is easy to empty.
4. Not as loud as most vacumes.

The Bad

1. If you have large rooms, (over 15X15) it may miss some places before it needs to go back to it's base to charge.
2. It won't deep vacume like your standard vacume will. For the size of the unit it does a good job.
3. I have a coffee table that has criss cross wood spindles that it gets stuck under and you need to pull it out from. This is a disadvantage because I can't let it run in this area when I'm out.
4. The side brush that helps remove dirt along walls can flick some things out of the path of the vacume and it may not go over this area again.
5. Pet hair will wrap around pins that hold the brushes in place so the unit must be maintained more than a normal vac.
6. With 3000+ sq.ft. I don't like having to move it from room to room, if I don't it wont hold a charge long enough to clean. Also, if it goes down a hall and into another room, it may not get back out to finish the room it started in. You need to have the infared walls to keep it in the rooms you want cleaned then move the unit to the next area.

So to sum it up. If it was possible to teach the unit your floor plan, program it which rooms to clean so it would know where they are, have it get back to it's charging station from any area of the house and not get stuck under my coffee table, it would be perfect!

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