Thursday, April 1, 2010

Check Out iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery for $31.95

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Review

When my 18 month old Roomba vacuum started to falter and not perform as well as it had originally, I first consulted the manufacturer's Web site for answers. When the company's troubleshooting FAQs didn't bring about improvement, I corresponded directly with one of their customer service representatives. While that person was very helpful, it quickly became evident that I needed a new battery. On the manufacturer's Web site, a new battery sells for more than twice the amount that Amazon sells the same battery for. At first, I was hesitant, thinking there was no way we could be talking about the same product, but, after reading other customers' reviews and comments, I felt confident enough to "risk" saving over .00. I'm happy to report that the new battery is identical to the old one, was delivered in brand new condition, and seems to be working perfectly (I'm vacuuming as I'm typing this review right now). If this battery lasts as long as (or longer than) the original battery, I will gladly raise my "star rating" from four to five.

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Feature

  • APS battery compatible with all 500 series Roomba FloorVac models
  • charges in 3 hours with ABS charger
  • Provides approximately 120 minutes of run time
  • 50 percent greater useful life than original Roomba batteries

iRobot R3 500 series APS Battery Overview

The APS Battery powers Roomba for up to 120 minutes of continuous clean up. Keep two batteries on hand to double the cleaning time. This APS Battery is compatible with Roomba® 500 Series models.

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Customer Reviews

roomba - C. Broussard -
this is just a battery for the roomba - it was a replacement - the roomba is super and works really well on hard floors

Good Product, Fair Price - D. Roche -
Price was right, battery works very well. Just needed to adjust roomba's contacts when I got an error message.

Works great! - World-Wide - Florida, US
I bought this item without too much checking around. In comparison with iRobot's battery, it is a significant savings. I put in into a 510 model and it works immediately. I did not even have to charge it (it is kind of pre-charged). I ran the 510 for about 45 minutes and the light turned to orange, indicating maybe 50% power left in the battery.

It took longer to charge it up fully, when compared to the original iRobot battery when it was new(maybe it is due to the fact that this was the first time I charged the batter.) It seems to last longer than the original battery, maybe that is why it takes longer to charge.

The replacement was easy, four small phillip screws, and battery comes out easily. It took me about 10 minutes to change the battery. (But it took a long longer to clean up the 510.)

Highly recommended.

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