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Product documentation

Take a second to familiarize yourself with your robot's instruction manual. Make sure you understand how it works and what are its constraints. Yes, it'd sound time consuming, but it might get worst if you do not do things as instructed in the manual and affect the vacuum robot's efficiency on the short and long term.

Find the absolute best place in your office or home to settle your robot vacuum. Bare in mind that it needs room to breath.

  • Avoid places where there are several stumbling blocks and reflective surfaces like mirrors, which can meddle with the androids sensors.

  • Light sensors on your robot can be affected by dark and/or plush carpet floors. The robot might mistake the surface as a cliff and act erratically trying to back up.

Battery matters

guarantee your robot's battery is completely charged before the first use. This can take up to sixteen hours. Be patient! In a number of cases, your new friend may require some cleaning and charging cycles to reach optimal cleaning capacity. You are without question anxious and happy about getting your new robot to do a first house or office clean, but not providing correct battery charge time may affect the performance and capacity of the vacuum. Yes, robot vacuum cleaners need training too!

Roomba virtual wall and lighthouse

In addition to the virtual wall feature, lighthouses may also be switched to the lighthouse mode. Roomba and lighthouses communicate through RF ( radio frequency ) which improves your bots efficiency for multiple room cleaning. This is especially true if you are using the scheduling feature while away from your home or office. Refer to our robot vacuum cleaner comparison table or visit our Support Center to get additional information on IRobot Roomba lighthouse setup and purchase.

  • Program your predicted cleaning schedule

  • Onboard scheduling - Roomba 580, 570, 560

  • Remote controlled scheduling - 415 and Red from Discovery Series ( remote sold singly )

  • Make sure your filter and brushes are clean;

  • Keep the particle bin empty;

  • Infinuvo CleanMate by Metapo:

  • owners keep an eye on the odour removal dispenser;

  • keep your fingers away from the Ultraviolet light under the robot as it may damage the device

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